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M-Audio M-Track Hub | USB Monitoring Interface with Built-In 3-Port Hub (24-bit/48 kHz)?

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25th Jun 2019

> When i use this microphone i have to plug my headset into the back of it so i can use the mic monitoring “Sidetone” this allows me to hear myself through my headset…

So, the USB Microphone has a headphone output, is that what you are saying?

As to SideTone, are you saying you have some type of feedback or echo? This is not likely with Headphones and a Mic. Perhaps in this case, your use of SideTone has a different meaning than the common usage?

> I need to keep a sidetone because without it i struggle to talk properly and find it uncomfortable.

Not being a gamer, we might be getting in a little deeper than my pay-grade. With a USB interface like this –


Which I can only assume is Bi-Direction, you should be able to plug your USB Mic in one of the Front USB Ports, and you should retain independent control of the headphones, and though you probably don’t need them, you can have independent control of the Monitors.

I’ve not used this devices, so you might want to explore it deeper, and get better sense of the feature and its operation. But I don’t see why you could have both USB Mic and USB Playback (monitoring) at the same time.

Not being a Gamer, I suspect there is something I am missing, but in general you should be able to have a Talk-Back Mic and Headphones operating at the same time.

I think to go much deeper than that, you need to talk to an experienced Gamer. Someone familiar with the intricacies of a Gaming setup.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help on this specific issue.

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6th May 2018

I settled on the M audio M-track hub interface. I’m pretty happy with it for its low cost.

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12th Feb 2017

I’m looking at getting some studio monitors and need to pick out an audio interface or a DAC. I don’t produce much, but if I do, it’s entirely within a DAW. I REALLY like what the M-Audio M-Track Hub is going for, but the reviews claim that it doesn’t give much power and is limited to a sample rate of 48kh and a bit rate of 24. My current headphones have very high impedance so this is worrying.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a similar product? I’d love something with a satisfying knob and looks good on the desk. I just need it for studio monitors and headphones.

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17th Jan 2017

I use this. I run Jbl slr305’s through it and it works great. It does have TRS outputs though.