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M-Audio AV32 | Compact Active Desktop Reference Monitor Speakers For Premium Playback, Professional Media Creation and Immersive Gaming Sound?

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1st Jul 2018

Can’t say I am really feeling them… And I am no audiofile by any means of the word but If I am listening to music.. relaxing or playing a game I just want something real clear 🙂 I will admit I need to look up a Dac or AMP because honestly I am lacking in the education of sound clarity / quality.

In saying that I did find some people talking highly about the M-Audio AV32 don’t know if I should really be looking at studio monitors or get a logitech system or bose companions 😛 which is why I am here I am trying to get the knowledge!

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5th Apr 2018

Would I still need an amp if it’s powered? I’m looking at this right now:


So basically I should just buy an RCA to audio jack cable and it will work?

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5th Apr 2018

Would I still need an amp if it’s powered? I’m looking at this right now:


So basically I should just buy an RCA to audio jack cable and it will work?

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2nd Mar 2018


this is the 89$ pair, I might’ve bought this one I forget. Anyways, the m-audio studio monitors that I think I have cost 150$

I hope you are able to answer your questions, if you have any other ones you can hit me up here or on soundcloud, I’m DAKthe!

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3rd Nov 2016

My soundbar just caved in (i used it for music because I’m poor AF) but Christmas is coming up and girlfriend/parents asking me what I want. Mainly listen to folk and Rock. Price range is about £60 to £120ish. Will mainly be used in the kitchen. Would prefer a single system as oppose to parts
was thinking about these

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23rd Oct 2016

What would you think about these? https://www.amazon.ca/M-Audio-Professional-Studio-Monitor-Speakers/dp/B00X741TKG/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1477240492&sr=1-1&keywords=m-audio
I saw them getting decent reviews. In Canada I don’t seem to have many options for speakers at my price point. 🙁

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8th Oct 2016

Last week I bought the AV32 desktop speakers for my computer: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00X741TKG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

If I have them turned on, but I don’t have any sound playing, the speakers will emit a deep pop/thump noise with a very tiny bit of static too. This lasts just 1 second, and I’ve just noticed that this happens when no sound has been played for 7 minutes, and the blue LED light on the speakers goes dim at this exact moment (it lights up again when I play a sound through the PC).

I reckon this is a power-saving mode by the speakers. Is there anyway to turn this off, and also can this cause any damage to the speakers? Should I turn the volume dial to mute when I know I wont have any music playing for a period of time? Sadly I am quite ignorant when it comes to this sort of equipment.

Thank you.

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8th Jan 2016
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4th Jan 2016

I just perused the Amazon listing for that item and (unless I’m wrong) it doesn’t have an input, so no, I don’t believe you will be able to use it.

But even if you COULD use it, I would suggest not. The sound that comes out of that will be okay, but you’re not going to get any kind of hi-fi sound out of it. At best it may sound somewhat better than playing an MP3 or other digital file.

If you’re on a budget, these M-Audio speakers have been generally well reviewed on this subreddit and they’re only £69.00. As the sidebar cartoon says, vinyl is an inconvenient and expensive hobby. If you’re not ready to spend at least £200-£300 to get into the hobby it’s probably best to wait to save up until you have that much money available.

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25th Dec 2015

Thanks a lot! I haven’t purchased the T15s yet. Is there another similarly priced set of speakers that I could get instead that would allow me to avoid getting an amp? I’m in college trying not to break the bank. The cheapest amp on the list would work for me but Amazon says that it would take as much as two months to get here.

Edit: Maybe these?

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22nd Oct 2019

Hooly shit, my dude

4-6k is super overkill

A super beast boss of a PC could cost you up to 1-2k, VR setup maximum 1k, and other peripherals will probably total 200-500.

The thing is, that’s if you’re going for the “maximum ultimate gamer” setup. You can do it for way cheaper; I got a decent setup for less than 1k total.

That said, I’m going to give you some good advice to help get you started.

First, the PC.

Use the resources available to you at /r/buildapc or buy your own prebuilt. When going on this search, know the following:

  • Unlike on consoles, your experience on PC is highly customizable; with better components, you can have better-looking and smoother-playing games.

  • Different games require different amounts of “power” to run, and newer games always require more power than older ones.

  • The hardware pricing for PCs is pretty close to the hardware pricing for consoles; in other words, spending a console amount of money on a PC will deliver a console-like experience on comparable games. That’s good enough for a lot of people.

  • Building a PC will be slightly cheaper than buying a pre-built PC with the same components, but the tradeoff is that you have to do your own setup and troubleshooting.

  • Many PC gamers on reddit choose to go on the high end and spend thousands on their rigs, but that doesn’t mean you have to; depending on the game, you can have a dandy time on a $300 laptop.

  • In terms of specs, the most important component for your gaming experience when building / buying a gaming PC is the graphics card. Don’t go too overboard with it; supporting components are also important, but the graphics card is typically where you can get the most bang-for-buck.

  • Whatever else you choose, definitely get an NVME SSD. It will change your fucking life.

Expect to spend around $600 – $1000 for a “basic” gaming PC, and around $2000 for a maxed-out top-tier PC.

Next, the peripherals. You will need the following:

  • A monitor

  • A mouse and mousepad

  • A keyboard

  • A headset and/or speakers + microphone

You can use a PS4 controller with your PC via bluetooth, a dongle, or a wire.

You also mentioned that you wanted a VR headset, so I’ll cover that as well.

The Monitor

The three most important features of a monitor are its resolution, panel type, and refresh rate.

  • A higher resolution will make a higher-detail visual image to look at while gaming, but will require more horsepower from your PC

  • A higher refresh rate will make for smoother motion during gaming, but will also require more horsepower from your PC.

  • The panel type will determine the responsiveness and color depth of your monitor. TN sacrifices color for responsiveness, IPS sacrifices responsiveness for color, and VA is in-between.

Most monitors are 1080p (shorthand for 1920×1080) resolution, with 60Hz refresh rate. This is just fine for gaming, and it’s probably what your ACER monitor is. If you choose to upgrade, I highly recommend prioritizing a refresh rate upgrade; for gaming, upgrading to a 120Hz, 144Hz, or 240Hz refresh rate will blow your fucking mind, even at the same resolution (1920×1080).

Here’s a helpful site with suggestions on how to pick out a monitor and what monitors to buy. /r/buildapc also has a monitor buying guide.

The Mouse

Selecting a gaming mouse is very personal; it’s like selecting a weapon of choice with which to smite your enemies, and there isn’t really much that makes any gaming mouse “better” than any other. Even wireless gaming mice have become responsive enough to be just as good as wired.

I recommend Logitech G Series mice, and if you want, here’s a gaming mouse reviewer’s top 40 picks to sift through, with some advice on how to choose the right one.

Do buy a proper gaming mouse, though; they’re relatively cheap, and it makes a huge difference to your experience.

Use a mousepad, but any mousepad is fine. SteelSeries makes “premium gaming mousepads”, if you’re after that, but they perform no better than your $5 bargain bin mousepad with a cat on it.

The Keyboard

You’ll be fine using whatever keyboard you have; it makes the smallest difference to your gaming experience out of any of the peripherals.

However, if you want the best of the best, you can get a proper “gaming keyboard” with mechanical switches. Head over to /r/MechanicalKeyboards/ to go pick one out.

The Audio

You’re pretty much on your own for this one.

Some good brands for headsets are Logitech, Corsair, and Razer, but beyond that I have no idea how to pick one.

For speakers, I have no idea what’s good. I use M-Audio AV32 speakers, and they work well for me, but there’s a whole world of speakers to choose from.

Regardless of what you choose or even if you use your own gear, make sure you have a microphone; it makes a huge difference playing multiplayer games, and you did mention you want to play with your friends.

The Headset

Here are the major options to choose from:

Oculus Rift S ($400)


  • Cheapest

  • No “base stations” required


  • Owned by Facebook

  • Minimum VR experience

HTC Vive ($500) (or its associated upgrades)


  • Better tracking, audio, and visuals than the Rift


  • Requires “base stations”

Valve Index ($1000)


  • Top VR experience with best tracking, audio, and visuals

  • Uses the best controllers (you can actually buy these controllers on their own for use with the Vive)

  • Produced by Valve, who also produces SteamVR, which is the primary software backend for most VR games


  • Most expensive

  • Requires “base stations”

I recommend the HTC Vive; in my opinion, it strikes the best balance between price and experience.

Hope all this helps!

In the future, I recommend /r/buildapc and /r/pcgaming for these types of questions; they’ll be better-equipped to point you in the right direction.

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10th Nov 2016

Are you me? Also SG, been researching on 2.0 speakers & only just half set my mind on T40 because sale and free shipping.

Mackie has distributors in SG actually and you can get CR3 for S$189 from City Music.

Amazon does free shipping for M-Audio AV32 and Micca MB42X if you hit above US$125 – probably can do so if you buy a couple of records too. Kanto speakers have been on Massdrop too and maybe you can wait for their deals if you’re not in a rush – not sure if shipping would kill you though.

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7th Nov 2020

Ok I am going to make assumptions based on the Logitech Z906:

  1. your source is a computer/laptop.
  2. your budget is around 300USD.

For a desktop, computer setup, I recommend powered studio monitors and an external DAC/preamp. Avoid most things marketed as “computer speakers” and you will have a huge step up in sound quality. So something like these speakers, and this DAC. If you want a sub later, you can look at studio subs. That DAC is just an example, and there are probably better ones, that’s just the first that popped up. At this price point just look for DACs that have the features you need/want (e.g. remote, USB, bluetooth, optical input, headphone amp, etc.)

Some brands to look at for powered monitors: JBL, Yamaha, M-audio, KRK, Audioengine, Vanatoo

Some brands to look at for desktop DACs/preamps: Fiio, SMSL, Topping, Schiit


Check out the buying guide.

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2nd Jul 2020

Price History

Call the Bishop, these prices are sinful.
^(Info) ^| [^(Developer)](/user/The_White_Light) ^| [^(Inquiries)](/message/compose?to=The_White_Light&subject=PriceKnight+Inquiry) ^| ^(Support Me!) ^| [^(Report Bug)](/message/compose?to=The_White_Light&subject=Bug+Report&message=%2Fr%2Fbapcsalescanada%2Fcomments%2Fhk2jam%2Faudio_maudio_av32_monitor_speakers_120_30_90%2Ffwqeiua%2F%0D%0A%0D%0A___%0D%0A%0D%0APlease+explain+here+what+you+expected+to+happen%2Fwhat+went+wrong.)

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11th Feb 2019

Used powered speakers would be a crap shoot at best. Theyre typically treated as disposable.

At ~£75 you can get something like….

1byone – £80

M-Audio AV32 – £72 and ok sounding. Likely less quality sound than the 1byones

Edifier EDFR980T’s

Edifier R1010BT

Here’s a wild card option for you as well and likely the best…..

Wharfedale Diamond 9.0’s


Nobsound Mini Amp

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5th Nov 2018

Try these or these.

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3rd Nov 2018

I assume you meant “This” is for your PC 🙂 These powered speakers are from this post and look like they would work for you. Has an AUX input in the front to connect to your PC easily. $82.77 right now on Amazon which looks to be a couple bucks above its average price.

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26th Jul 2018

M-Audio AV32 | 10-Watt Compact Studio Monitor Speakers with 3-inch Woofer (Pair) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00X741TKG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_1ArwBbA31E7E4

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2nd Feb 2018

I got some small studio monitors that I love. M-Audio AV32 | 10-Watt Compact Studio Monitor Speakers with 3-inch Woofer (Pair) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00X741TKG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_qC9CAbHRPT49C

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5th Dec 2017

I now can’t decide between those two: AV32/CR3, both 150$.

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9th Nov 2017

You’re not going to do much better than 50€ speakers for 70€. Maybe the M-Audio AV32 but those aren’t 2.1, just 2.0 (which is fine), they’re also almost 90€

The Microlab FC330 might be an improvement?

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14th Sep 2016

I guess the bare minimum would be these https://www.amazon.co.uk/M-Audio-Reference-Speakers-Professional-Immersive/dp/B00X741TKG/, maybe try looking in the used market.

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28th Jul 2016

At that price you should look at the M-Audio AV32 instead. Also visit /r/budgetaudiophile for some other ideas in that price range.

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28th Nov 2015

Hello, I’m looking to start getting more into guitar and my old amp has broken. I play a variety of music and don’t want to be limited to one amp, so I have decided to go with using Reaper and Positive Grid Bias to make my own sounds. I also plan on getting a bass at some point which leads me to some questions:

  • How do I evaluate audio interfaces and monitors? I only plan on using this for my own enjoyment but have no idea how to tell what is good.

  • How big do monitors need to be for personal use as a guitar/bass amplifier and general sound system? I’ve read about bass requiring larger wattage/size in amplifiers, how true is this with monitors?

  • Using an interface, VST plugin and monitors seems like a no brainer to me over buying an amp (more versatile, equal or lower cost). Am I missing something?

Thanks for any information you guys can provide. So far I’ve just read some posts here and looked at the Positive Grid Bias website to learn about what I need. Looking at sales right now these look like my most cost effective options:

Focusrite Audio Interface

Behringer Audio Interface

M- Audio Monitors

Alesis Monitors

Behringer Monitors

JBL Monitor

These seem like the best options for me right now, based on my limited understanding. For interfaces, I’ve heard a lot of good stuff regarding the Focusrite, but am wondering why the Behringer seems to have more options for a smaller price.

As for monitors, I have no idea what I am doing. These looked like some pairs that were in my price range while on sale. I don’t know how they would do with guitar/bass/listening to music. I don’t quite understand how to purchase these things, if they aren’t “paired” like the JBL one do I just order two of them? I could use a lot of help understanding how to select a monitor for my situation.

At the moment I am leaning towards purchasing either the Focusrite and two JBL monitors or the more affordable Behringer combo. Any thoughts you guys have would be MUCH appreciated, as I have a whole lot to learn. Thanks for the long read!

TL;DR: I’m poor and want a guitar/bass setup to use with Reaper/Positive Grid Bias, what interface/monitor can I get to make my dream come true?

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20th Jul 2015

I’m looking for speakers with gaming in mind, for under $100.

I tried searching around, a lot of reddit posts were years old, and recommended M-Audio speakers. Not sure if those would still be preferable, or are there better options available?

Looking at these currently…

M-Audio AV 32

Also, I assume I would need to buy this product as well…

Audio Y Cable Splitter 1-Mini Plug Would I need anything else?

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22nd Jun 2018