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Luxton Memory Foam Ergonomic Kneeling Chair – Posture Support Comfortable Padded Office Desk Chair – Angled Rocking Stool & Balancing Seat – Natural Relief for Neck or Back Pain?

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13th Sep 2021

Paint the ceiling and the walls white or a similar light colour, it will make the room seem bigger and more ‘airy’.. It’s waaay too tacky with all that lacquered woodwork!

Ditch the blinds with light curtains or blinds, get a nice Berber style carpet(a decorative one, not carpet flooring), then maybe add a simple, slender chrome steel frame with glass top desk or similar look. Get an ergonomic office chair that’s not bulky, maybe even a ‘kneeling chair’, they look like this

As for art or other stuff, add some art that’s not overly distracting, maybe landscapes in subdued colours or some patterned, laser cut metal sheets(brass or similar) like these . Last but not least, add some nice plants, like Monstera, Peace Lilies or some palms. Plants are really good to have in your office space as it improves the working environment(read more here )