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Luna Full Mattress Protector – Waterproof Mattress Cover w/ Absorbent Cotton Terry Surface – Noiseless, Breathable Topper – 100% Sourced & Produced in The USA?

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5th Jan 2014

I was a bed-wetter as a child, so I have a lot of uncomfortable memories around crinkly plastic sheets. Still, I have a nice bed and don’t like the idea of ruining it with my bodily fluids. Based on reviews, I bought this mattress cover a couple months ago and couldn’t be happier. Sure, there was a faint crinkle noise as I was putting it on, but stretched out I can’t hear anything—and I squirm a lot. Also, it’s waterproof: I dumped half a glass of water on it, did the dishes, and when I came back my mattress was still dry.