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Lumene Time Freeze Dark Spot Corrector, 0.5 Fluid Ounce?

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6th Jan 2015

As someone who deals with cosmetics and health and beauty I can tell you that Amazon gives not one fuck about what the FDA says is HAZMAT so that’s why they are wanting clearance first. Why import a bunch of product that they can’t sell because Amazon says no. For example I tried to send in this item. Amazon rejected it said it was HAZMAT. I appealed and they said to send them an MSDS sheet. I spoke with the vice president of Lumene North America at length about it and he said that the FDA had approved it, Amazon was aware it’s not HAZMAT and that he had no idea why they would say that. So he sent me the MSDS and I forwarded it to Amazon for review. Fast forward about 3 weeks and I get an email stating they are upholding their position that the item is HAZMAT. My only course of action at that point was to self fulfill or sell it on eBay. Oh, I also forwarded their email to the VP and he said that he would be in touch with Amazon directly. Doesn’t help me but nannynanny booboo I got Amazon yelled at.

That all said, if you want to send samples of your products, I would be willing to send them to Amazon to garner approval. From my understanding of the situation all you need is the product and an MSDS sheet. Once it’s approved then you would have problem 2 solved.