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LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame and Mattress Foundation -Strong and Sturdy Support – Quiet Noise Free – Twin Size?

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20th Nov 2020

I have bought two of these in the last 5 years. For different rooms. And I’ve slept on both for several months at a time. The single is rated to 1200 lb. You unfold it and screw in six screws that have handles you can hand turn. It took me 10 minutes by myself and most of that was getting it in the right spot.

And it’s high enough for plenty of storage space beneath. I can get a litter of kittens or three grown cats under there at same time. You can also get several storage boxes under there.

I don’t make any money from it I’m just satisfied customer.

Steel bed frame on Amazon

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13th Mar 2018

Why does it have to be on the floor? Just get a platform bed frame like this:

With this you don’t need a box spring, works with any mattress thats the same size and is easily foldable for storage. Plus it looks much more respectable than a mattress on a floor.

From what you wrote (slept on a roll away bed for a while and are sleeping on foam pads now) super high comfort isn’t that big of a deal for you and you’re on a very tight budget. I’m assuming you’re in college or something and you probably don’t care that much about how firm or how soft the mattress is but probably something in the middle. From all this I think your best bet would be a slightly used mattress on craigslist. You can get comfortable mattresses that have been used for under a year off craigslist for under $100. New mattresses from stores are usually at least 150$. You can also go on amazon and just order one of the cheap twin sized mattresses they have there that says is medium firm or medium soft depending on what you’re personal preference is.

If what I guessed and assumed here is all wrong….. then sorry for wasting your time hahaha

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6th May 2017

I have, I believe, this bed frame: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ENRBMK8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_LXrdzbPQ8EBZ6

It’s very sturdy and has lasted years now. It has a footprint the size of the mattress, and lots of storage space underneath. And the mattress.. I don’t know where we got the mattress. I’m sure there’s a decent cheap mattress out there too.

I’m telling you, you’ll appreciate having a real bed to go back to at night instead of a dubious camping setup. Do it right the first time and you won’t have to think about it again for years.