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Lorell Wellness by Design Chair, 46.8″ x 30″ x 27.8″, Black?

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25th Jul 2020

I like this one, which I got for $200-ish at a Sam’s Club a couple years back. It’s not mesh, doesn’t have a head rest, so that might be a dealbreaker. But it has nice lumbar support and with a $39 Purple cushion on there, it’s pretty damn comfortable. I like it.


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25th Jul 2020

I picked up this chair at Sam’s Club for less than $200 USD a couple years back: https://www.amazon.com/Lorell-Wellness-Design-Leather-Executive/dp/B01N1YA7LX

The armrests move up to be completely flush with the back. I like this feature.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it also has sort of a lumbar support feature. It’s kind of a panel that sticks out from the back of the chair. It actually moves, too, so if you’re sitting at a different angle it can follow your back. It’s pretty neat, although it can feel a little strange at first. (EDIT: Looks like this linked version doesn’t have the movable piece, but it looks very similar.)

It’s clearly not a mesh type, nor does it have a head rest, but the cushion quality and material are OK. but I have a $39 Purple cushion on the seat and it took it to the next level. No complaints there. It hasn’t started falling apart or lost its shape like cheap office chairs.

It is perhaps ideal for someone a bit larger than me (I’m only about 5’6”) – wish there was a slightly smaller version. But I’ve been really happy with it, especially for that price.