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Lorell Fabric Seat Mesh Mid-Back Management Chair, Black?

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14th Aug 2020

I got a pretty similar build to you, 5’8 and 150lb, and the two chairs I got my eye on right now are the Office Master YS 99 w/ headrest and the 9to5 seating Theory fabric seat with headrest. Those might be out of your price range, but the YS is around $400 so its not too far out and it is definitely worth the price, having tried out the model without a headrest at a store. I contacted a few companies asking if the YS headrest would fit me since the chair seemed kind of tall and I’m waiting to hear back before I make a move, but I think it should fit me. The 9to5 theory w/ headrest goes between $430-530 at my local stores, so a little bit more, but I know the headrest would fit me since they had a floor model with a headrest.

Here are two cheaper options if you want a mid back with a headrest and good cushions:

This lorrell chair, it has a 20 dollar headrest sold seperately


If you don’t care about the cushion as much and don’t mind mesh seats the staples Hyken would be a good fit for you if you want to go even cheaper.

If you instead don’t care about the headrest, but want a thick padded seat, you could go with this.. Another option would be the mid back version of the YS chair I mentioned above, that chair has a super comfortable cushion and sits around $300.

If you problems lie in the back pain category, I can’t help you as much since the areas I am more sensitive in are the tailbone and neck, as you can see from my research.

I would stay way from the autonomous. The build quality seems to be pretty lacking from the youtube reviews I saw.

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11th Aug 2020

Are you tall?

Then congrats, you got tons of options. The office master high back YS with headrest would be my top pick for you then. That probably has the most comfortable cushion I’ve ever felt in an office chair and I think its only like 300-400 bucks. I think you can get this on BTOD.

Are you average height or less? (Below 5’10”)

Your options are slim. I’m 5ft8 and I think literally the only mid tier option I have found is the 9 to 5 seating Theory Mesh with headrest and padded seat. I’m not sure how hard this would be to find in a local store, since that is the only way you can get this chair with a headrest.

Some lower tier options are this:
https://www.amazon.com/Lorell-Fabric-Mid-Back-Chair-Black/dp/B00O753V5U (headrest sold seperately for $20)

Here’s what it actually looks like: https://www.lorellfurniture.com/product/LLR40204?s1=ls

And this: https://www.amazon.com/Boss-Office-Products-B6338-Multi-Function/dp/B006OA8EQ2/ref=sr_1_32?dchild=1&keywords=boss+seating+headrest&qid=1597106677&sr=8-32

All of these options have fairly comfortable cushions.