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L’Oreal Men Expert Vitalift Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Face Moisturizer with SPF 15 and Pro-Retinol, Face Moisturizer for Men, Beard and Skincare for Men, 1.6 oz?

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4th May 2020

You can try a peel. Either get one at a derm (expensive if your insurance doesn’t cover and a lot of them won’t cover purely cosmetic stuff and acne if you’re not really young anymore but they’re super effective) or buy one on Amazon. Also exfoliate 2-4 times a week and moisturize daily.

My daily moisturizer has good ingredients regardless of your age and is good enough for most people. Not amazing but much cheaper than alternatives and it’s got all of the ingredients you’d want in one single product rather than buying 3-4.

Face scrub for blackheads and exfoliation Important too, you have to do this a few times a week to reveal new skin and clear pores

Extra retinol stuff to help scars and damage If your skin is really damaged you can try this but it’s not necessary

My favorite face wash I think this is a really good every day face wash. Not acne specialized but my skin did improve using this. Moisturizes and cleans.

Face mask to use once or twice a week Optional too but could help. This one would still count towards the total times you exfoliate in a week though. Don’t do it too much or you could irritate your skin.

Chemical peel starter strength Optional but if your skin is really bad you can start with this and work up to 70%. Experiment with this first though if you do. Really effective stuff but overkill for most

More heavy duty moisturizer If you have really dry or sensitive skin you can opt for this one instead of the L’Oreal