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LONRISWAY LED Wood Table Lamp, Bedroom Bedside Night Light, Dimmable Led Lighting, Creative Home Decor, Unique House warmging Gift 3ft USB Cable, 5W 300LM Nightstand Lamps?

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16th Jul 2021

I used to be hesitant about adding wood pieces, too. That changed after I got more into mid-century pieces. I would definitely check those out (via Offerup, Craigslist – you can also shop on Amazon with “mid century” as a keyword). Some older items are expensive, but more often than not, you can find a good deal, or a similar item that was produced more recently. After taking a look at more tastefully done pieces made out of wood, you’ll get an idea of what wood looks good and what doesn’t. A good start is to look at brands such as Design Within Reach, Kardiel, and Modernica – they’re very expensive but their furniture looks great, so you can use it as a starting off point.

I think the green looks really cool – you can do a lot of interesting stuff with it! I would suggest a more modern rug, possibly geometric. You can also add some more warm lighting for a cozy vibe – maybe a floor lamp or a modern nightstand lamp. There’s also color changing lightbulbs for really cheap on Amazon. If you find the green is too overpowering, you can add some white-heavy prints or paintings or posters. Orange and yellow stuff also looks really good with green. Definitely consider some plants, too!