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Logitech Z-5300 5.1-Channel Surround Speaker System?

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14th May 2019

This is your system –


Personally, I say cut your losses, and start over. And, if I can be so impolite as to suggest you buy some real speakers this time. Though real speakers are a matter of opinion.

Alternately check Ebay and other Used Equipment sites and see if you can find a used pair, and scavenge the best of those to replace the existing speaker.

You could check with Logitech and see if they can provide a replacement Driver or an replacement Speakers, but I doubt replacements are available, but you won’t know until you check. Checking the Logitech Website, they have no listing at all for the Z5300, so unlikely to have support.

As to a general purpose replacement driver, that is possible, but you would probably need to, at minumum, replace the drivers in both Front speakers (assuming it is one of the front speakers that’s broken). That is possible, but you would have to determine the size of the Drivers. I’m going to guess 3″.


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30th May 2016

I have an older version of them, and even though they’re ~13 years old, they still shake my apartment : http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Z-5300-5-1-Channel-Surround-Speaker/dp/B0000C20R9