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Logitech X-140 2.0 Speakers?

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21st Jun 2017

If they will be wired in all the time, why is the built in CCA so important? I have re purposed all kinds of speakers with CCA’s.

Master Bedroom – Using a free Bose Wave Radio that was given to me.

Girls Room – I bought these Logitechs for $3.50 at Goodwill

Other Girls Room – Got this Yamaha on Craigslist for $25. Hooked it up with a $15 T-Amp off Amazon.

Living Room – CCA hooked up to a $70 Craigslist Onkyo receiver and some $70/pair Polk Atrium 4’s. And a $20 Yamaha Subwoofer. Wall mounted the outdoor Polk’s in a room that gets some rough housing so not worried about them breaking.

Kitchen – Google Home for $110 when it was new.

Office – Google Home for $75 deal at Walmart.

All works perfectly with multiroom and didn’t spend more than $25 on any of the CCA’s. So total cost for all six rooms was ~$540 total including all speakers and CCA’s. Cheapest room was $23 with $20 CCA and $3 goodwill speakers. Most expensive was living room at $185 (reciever, polk speakers, subwoofer, CCA). The other benefit of not having it build in, is when the speaker dies you just swap it out.