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Logitech Speaker System Z553 with 40 Watts RMS Power and 3 Device Inputs?

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11th Mar 2016

It’s not a separate dial, it’s for these speakers

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3rd Dec 2014

see now we can get somewhere.


Its a 40watt RMS system (2 10W speakers with 4″ drivers with a 20W sub)

Now it doesnt matter what the msrp is, it matters what the product itself is.
It may likely be they discontinued that model BECAUSE they found a cheaper way to manufacturer that said model product. they will give you that same quality product as a replacement.

Now im my opinion, the Z313 is definitely NOT a replacement for the Z553.
It should have been probably something such as Z323 or Z523. The Z523 seems like a slightly better product then your old one and the Z323 seems like a slightly lesser product.

So then it would maybe come down to other factors such as: what did you pay for it, and how long ago did you buy it, aswell as your attitude towards the support (you are seriously dense if you think yelling/belittling/etc at customer support will ever benefit you in any way).

So based on those factors would be what way i would sway for what product i would replace it with. (as like i said the warranty usually specifically says you can get replacements for the EXACT same product, not “similar models”, so by even giving you a similar product its still a good thing on their part.)
As they could just refund you the price you payed for it (thats completely in their power to do). you payed say $50, if you return it, you should get back your $50, period. (thats how every store works).

so if anything i would say yes, it is kind of a not very favorable and possibly unfair exchange.

So either you must have seriously pissed off their support, or the person replying to you didnt know wtf they are doing. In which case you would write back (in a civil manner) and say you disagree with their choice of replacement: cuz reasons: and you think the Z323/Z523 product would be a better solution.

If they deny you, you can ask to talk to a supervisor who would likely allow such an exchange.