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Logitech Living-Room Keyboard K410, Wireless Keyboard with Built-In Touchpad for TV-Connected PCs?

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6th Jun 2017

It’s not as bad as it seems. At one point I bought a $30 wireless keyboard when my old laptop’s keyboard broke and I was a complete noob at computers. It was perfectly fine for playing games, even ones that required more intensive action or reactions.

Definitely don’t go my route if you want something a bit more competitive, but if just for typing, there are a lot of options around this point and higher price points. You won’t find many suited for gaming though, so you’ll mainly be typing on them. Anything more suited for gaming though, you’ll have to go wired to find a decent keyboard.

Same goes for mice, but there are more options for gaming in the wireless category, you’ll just have to pay the premium. Here’s an example. The Prodigy is a decent gaming mouse compared to wired gaming mice, but you’ll have to pay more.