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Logitech K845 Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard, Mechanical Switches, Strong Adjustable Tilt Legs, Full Size, Aluminum Top Case, 104 Keys, USB Corded, Windows (TTC Brown Switches)?

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2nd May 2021

Well, do you like tactility (the bump when you press keys) when you are typing or do you like linear? Lighter tactiles, like browns, are usually fine for gaming and linear switches are really good. I personally prefer tactility when it comes to typing though, and have a whole bunch of different boards to switch between when gaming and typing. Right now, I am actually using a Logitech board with Cherry Blues because my Model M is at my office ahahaha. When I game, I actually prefer having the subtle bump and bottoming out of a rubber dome keyboard, so I have one for that purpose.

This is the keyboard I am using, except with TTC Brown switches. TTC is just another MX clone company, but I have heard they are pretty decent. The board has served me well and has an aluminum body with an overall grayish look. Also, there is white backlighting, so it’s quite nice. The board can also come with TTC or Cherry Reds.

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8th Aug 2021

Anything will work! I recommend a 100% keyboard lilike this. Plus it’s amazon so returns are easy in case you don’t like it! I have some keycap recommendations too if you want something other than those boring black blank keycaps! 🙂

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7th Nov 2020

This keyboard is also really good and a bit cheaper if you don’t care about rgb. I’ve been using it after my first build a few months ago and I really like it. I also love the mouse you chose, super comfortable for big hands and I’ve set mine up to change colors based on my pc temp (nzxt h510 things).

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23rd Mar 2022
  1. Don’t buy your os directly from Microsoft, you can get them from cdkeys for about $20 usd, also, unless you NEED a 100% keyboard, don’t get that one, it costs too much for some, well, useless, features, rgb is a stupid expense for a keyboard if it means you are sacrificing quality. Get something with mechanical switches, I run a keeb company but we don’t currently build anything under $100, but I did put together a list the other day https://novelkeys.com/collections/switches/products/mystery-switches https://www.keebmonkey.com/products/kbm68-transparent-2-4g-wireless-keyboard-kit https://www.keebmonkey.com/products/supurb-budget-sa-double-shot-abs-keycaps and you could get switches from somewhere else and not take the wheel of fortune, https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Mechanical-Illuminated-Keyboard-Adjustable/dp/B089YFHYYS like this one, I personally really like box reds (linears) from kahil, check out r/mechanicalkeyboards for that stuff, but some people like tactile switches(like ink kangaroos), blues seem cool but are just annoying as hell, but box navies can make a keeb sound like a staplegun, and some people really like that
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17th Nov 2021

Sorry for the late response, reddit never sent me a notification for your reply.

I didn’t realize you’re in Canada so I couldn’t find a keyboard with swappable switches that didn’t look super gamery, but I was able to find a good logitech mechanical keyboard that should last a long time, it looks pretty professional too. I know warranties are pretty important to companies so I also figured a large reputable company would be better than some no-name Chinese company.


You should definitely get some foam wrist rests to prevent carpal tunnel too, the brand doesn’t really matter as much as it does for the actual hardware so pretty much just look for one with good reviews.

Imo the brown switches are best for office use as they provide the tactile feedback that you pressed the key without being crazy loud like blues are. You could ask around the office and see if anyone has preferences as the switch type can definitely affect typing speeds, but if they don’t know then you could order a brown switch and a red switch one for people to try and see which they prefer.

For the mouse, do you know if the motherboards you got have Bluetooth built in? Generally if they support wifi then they also support Bluetooth, if not then you’d have to get a Bluetooth dongle for a wireless mouse. Using Bluetooth you won’t need a specific dongle for each mouse and can hook any mouse up to any device, but eventually it will have to be replaced as the batteries only last so many recharges and I doubt an office wants to deal with AA or AAA battery replacements.

This is one of logitech’s full sized Bluetooth mice (most are compact short ones that feel weird): https://www.amazon.ca/Logitech-Anywhere-Souris-sans-Bluetooth/dp/B072BG9Z8W

They also have an Anywhere 3 if you’d prefer usb C (lower chance of the port breaking or getting mangled) and fast charging however I understand that they’re expensive for just a mouse and if you’d like a lesser known brand that’s cheaper I can look for one, of course a Bluetooth mouse will always be more expensive than wired ones though.



Recomendation for brown!!!! I was going with corsair cherry red keyboard but my lil bro recomended browns, I has 100-150$ on the amazonius, what should i purchase for life satisfaction and general ease of mind?