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Logitech K380 Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard for Windows, Apple iOS, Apple TV Android or Chrome, Bluetooth, Compact Space-Saving Design, PC/Mac/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet – Rose?

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10th Feb 2021

Do you have any preferences in terms of key types or features?
You said intended less for gaming, so I assume you aren’t looking for mechanical?

The Logitech K380 comes in a pink that should match Razer’s quartz quite well. Great reviews, great battery life, great brand (in my opinion), and allows you to connect with and switch between multiple devices, if that’s something you think you might use. I’ve found it super useful on other keyboards to switch between my desktop, and laptop. But your mileage may vary.

One downside is no backlit keys, but you may or may not care about that.


(mind the .ca link)

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18th Aug 2021

Deal link: Amazon

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20th Jul 2020

Hello everyone! I’m trying to decide which keyboard would be the best option for my iPad Pro 12.9″ that will be coming in a few weeks. I originally wanted to get this Logitech K380 I would use this with a standard bluetooth mouse.

However, recently I found this foldable bluetooth keyboard with a trackpad. Jelly Comb Bluetooth Keyboard this would obviously be a lot more convenient.

I’m okay with a desktop setup for now since all of my college classes are online but long term I feel the foldable keyboard would be great for transporting between classes since it’s only one unit instead of two like a keyboard and mouse. I’m also unsure if the trackpad is really worth it? Of course it’ll give off a laptop feel but I probably can’t do any gestures with it like I could with apple’s magic trackpad right?

I originally wanted the logitech because of the great reviews, how well it works with the iPad, and they have a color that would match the case I plan on buying lol. I would love to hear your guys thoughts on this, whether you’ve used the K380 or a foldable keyboard, or just have a decent idea as to what would be best. Any information is appreciated!

Thank you.