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Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard for Living Room Control of 8 Devices and Streaming Entertainment?

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3rd Nov 2015

I use the Logitech Harmony Keyboard. Picked it up for $75sih. Amazon

Basically, in my domain controls. I have the TV subdomain directed to my public IP:port. So when the wife types in tv.xxxxxx.com it brings her to the app to view tv stuff. Same with downloads and movies. It all really depends on which domain register you use, they should have faq on setting up subdomains.

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15th Jul 2015

Debating grabbing this new Harmony remote setup to control my home theater. Problem is my Harmony One and regular keyboard attached to the htpc still works just fine. My setup isn’t without it’s problems but they aren’t insurmountable, just annoying.

Anyone use one of these? Did it change your life?

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25th Jun 2015

I have used a similar one to vrxz and can vouch its a great price. A slightly different avenue to go down would be to use a harmony hub (http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-915-000225-Keyboard-Streaming-Entertainment/dp/B00KOLNVAQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1435253519&sr=8-2&keywords=logitech+harmony+hub+keyboard)

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22nd Jul 2016

Logitech 915-000225 Harmony Smart Keyboard works with Roku 2. It’s not cheap ($116 incl shipping), but that would allow him to stick with the Roku 2 interface that he already knows and understands rather than learning something new.

The reason it’s expensive is that you’re getting a keyboard and a Harmony hub. The hub is really overpowered for doing something this simple, but it definitely works. The keyboard communicates over RF with the hub and the hub sends IR commands to the Roku.



Edit: I just found it online way cheaper. I’ll PM you details.