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LOGITECH Alto Portable Notebook Stand w/ Keyboard and USB Hub 967684-0403 Keyboard Retail?

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9th Feb 2010

I have the better version of the Gateway p-7805u FX gaming laptop (higher res than the newer versions, 1920×1200 goodness) and I’m loving every inch of it ever since I bought it last year. I couldn’t really get a gaming desktop since I usually have to go from place to place (college, going from lounge to lounge to get my gaming fix)

However, I stopped by best buy and saw this worthy beast.

2.8GHz core i7, 1gb NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, Blu-ray, Electrostatic multitouch touchpad, all for below $1,500 AFTER tax

Battery life shouldn’t be a problem since NO ONE should be gaming without the laptop plugged in. The hard drive seems to be pretty slow but you could probably just upgrade it yourself if you have the money.

Also, I have one of these Logitech alto notebook stands which essentially raises your laptop for a better viewing angle. It feels like I’m using a desktop whenever I use that awesome stand. (It does get very dusty though)

I have to warn you, after buying a gaming laptop, a year or two later, you will find a better model of your laptop for the same price. Unfortunately for me, my motherboard only supports Core2 Duo’s. I can upgrade to a higher Core2 Duo clock if I really wanted to but I don’t think it’s worth it. I wish I could get an i7 but that’s not going to happen. Pretty much the processor and the RAM are the only things that are customizable for me.