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Logitech 984-000353 X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker, Grey?

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12th Apr 2015

Logitech ue series is the tits. The one I use is the ue boom. It is out of ur price range but goddam it’s amazing. Waterproof, sounds amazing better than any other on the market including the jawbone, has a spot where you can attach a hanging clip or attach it straight to a camera mount, it’s round so it fits into a bottle pocket.

In your price range they have a few that are equally awesome as well the ue mini boom can be found for under the listed 99$ price. If you can find one for a good price it’s worth the little extra cash over the x100 as its rated as waterproof and it’s suppose to have amazing sound and battery life. The x100 is probably the one for you. Durable and affordable with great sound at 39$ it’s legit.
Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker, Grey https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ISIFX0S/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_7JOkvb0ZENQFB

Logitech does right by their products and I have to say it’s worth their money. Check em out.