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Litorange Silicone 500PCS 40A Clear Universal O-Ring Switch Dampeners Keycap Sealing Gasket Washer (Better Than Rubber) for Cherry MX Switch Keyboard and Mechanical Keyboard Keys Dampers?

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8th Jan 2022

If you add silicone o-rings under your keycaps, it can drastically reduce the bottoming out sound. It’s a common mod, and very easy to do since the only tool needed is a keycap puller. O-rings with an inner diameter of 5mm will fit keycap stems perfectly.

Example: amazon.com/gp/product/B07HMMGHL4

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19th Sep 2020

You might want to look into something like these for the keyboard, they do a pretty good job of dampening the noise.

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18th Sep 2021


I just bought this bulk kit ages ago and i’ve used it for multiple builds. There’s enough o-rings in there for quite a few keyboards and the little keyboard cleaner brushes are surprisingly useful.

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13th Feb 2021

Just type “key dampers” in Amazon or something and get cherry profile key caps. I’d say standard dampers would be like 1.5-2mm. They have different hardness also. This should help explain it.


I bought these a long time ago to try out dampers. They worked great but I hated how much they made my keyboard feel membrane so you may like them.


Cherry profile key caps will give you the low profile feel you are after. This link will explain the profiles.