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Linenspa Premium Smooth Waterproof Mattress Protector-Vinyl Free Waterproof Mattress Cover, King, White?

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14th Jun 2021

We were using this mattress protector and the cooling was definitely working:


But we actually took it off because the bed just feels more luxurious without any protector at all.

Hope it works out for you! We are definitely gonna return ours. Having the Winkbed Softer in the same room to test side by side really makes it clear what solid coils feel like. We may end up keeping the Wink but I’m gonna order a Helix Midnight Luxe just to be sure. I just really want the memory foam feel that the Sedona has, but with more supportive coils.

At this point we’ve invested so much time that one more mattress isn’t gonna hurt. I fully realize that I have become insane from this process but I need to see it through to the end.

All the best on your journey.

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28th Sep 2016

the review is legit too