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Linenspa 44″ x 52″ Skid Resistant Waterproof Sheet and Mattress Protector Pad-Highly Absorbent-Machine Washable-Quilted?

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3rd Sep 2018

A little late to this party, but I had to ask my gf to find the Amazon link.

We both get pretty damn wet, but she’s prone to squirt. We use this:


They have never leaked. They’re big enough that one is fine unless like… We want one under both of us during oral. The bottom is plasticy and stays where you put it. The top is soft like a mattress-top. We have several… Because we have a lot of sex, lol. But they’re truly amazing. We’ve never had to do the sheets… Even after the 10th squirting orgasms in a row, when there’s literally a puddle on top.

Confort AND protection? Perfect!

It’s not just plastic, so it absorbs too, so there’s little chance of run-off. When done, just fold it up, wash it in hot water, and wham, ready to go again.

EDIT: A final thought.

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7th Apr 2021

Get mattress protector pads. I have had cat issues with litterbox bullying and subsequent bed peeing and they do wonders. I stick them on top of the bed and it can hold at least 2 cat sized bladders. the description says that you can stick them under you when you sleep. I have never done that and I assume how well they stay depends on how much you move at night. NTA – as you get older you have to deal with your own issues. sometimes they are icky but that is just life.



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30th Jul 2017

I went through something similar with my senior cat. It’s tough.

If washing the beds is difficult you might try switching to blankets that better fit in the washing machine.

A waterproof mattress protector pad, the kind used for toddlers and incontinence, is pretty cheap, soaks up urine well, and is easily washed too. If her bed’s flat it might work laid right on top; just get two so there’s one on the bed or blankets while you wash the other.

If the floors need more protection you can cover them in cheap shower curtain liners ($2-$3/each.) Use mailing or duct tape to connect them. I also bought a dozen cheap towels and laid them over the liners to contain the urine and make cleanup easier, throwing towels in the washer and then wiping down the plastic with Lysol. This method might also allow you to move her to another room, one that’s not as heavily trafficked as the kitchen.

In case you’re not already doing so, you’ll want to bathe her regularly. Wipe downs with warm washcloths help.

I wish I had more advice to offer. 🙁