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Linea Italia TR733MOC Trento Line Rectangular Desk, 47-1/4w x 23-5/8d x 29-1/2h, Mocha/Gray?

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19th Nov 2016

I feel your pain there closest IKEA is like 5 hours away. Ended up getting mine through Amazon.

No tools needed, easiest and most stable desk I’ve ever built and used. Little small for your space though.

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9th Jun 2018

Okay so I have a good amount of money total to drop on a new sound system. I’ve finally got a job and been working and saved up after other prioirties and I have around $1000 total to dedicate to this.

First comes the desk I need to upgrade. So I’m going for a minimalistic, simple battlestation (I’ve never had the space or means to do it before so want to do it right.) I’m worried about table depth. Is this table good enough for me to have my chair in the middle, with my 27in 1440p monitor and to the left and right have these speakers we’ve mentioned here. The depth is like 47.25in so seems enough.

This is the desk https://www.costco.com/Linea-Italia-Trento-Line-Rectangular-Desk-Mocha.product.11676751.html
Same desk on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Linea-Italia-TR733MOC-Trento-Rectangular/dp/B00BT2S0HS

Now after I get the desk, I just need to buy 2 of those speakers and that cable to connect them to the AUX in the back of my computer. Is it better to do a full 2.1 setup if I’m going all out or is this enough?

Also if I’m dropping $1000, what is the best setup as of right now you recommend for me. (I’m guessing way better gear if I have total 1k to purchase?) I don’t have a amp or nothing. I’ve been using a Bose SoundDock II (non-portable) for 7 years now. I just plug it in and have it sitting to the right side of my monitor for 7yrs now.