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Line 6 POD Studio GX,Black?

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23rd Jan 2016

Years ago I bought a Line6 toneport Gx for not even €90 which came with some amp-sim software called Podfarm. Then I just used the free program Audacity to record the tracks. It was a cheap and good enough way to make quick demo’s especially since you can record multi track in Audacity.

Since then I’ve stepped over to Reaper + Bias FX and its been a real treat. The Toneport acts like any other USB guitar interface so it works with non-line6 software. And Bias has many people amp-matching their real amps and putting them on the cloud for anyone to use.

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15th Jul 2016

Are you playing with other people?

I personally would get this or one of the higher models if you are just practicing/jamming in your room.

If you are planning on playing with others get something like this or similar for effects and you don’t have to chain pedals. When looking at Multi Effects processors I personally tried to skip amp modeling as a feature.

And lastly, I will sell you a 100 watt tube combo amp for 300€ lmao.