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Lindy 20378 Premium Hi-Fi Headphones?

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26th May 2016

Get this Yoga CD880 rebrand, not sure if you can easily order form German amazon though.

If you prefer a little more portability and a slightly warmer tone M40X

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3rd Jan 2016

Searching for my first pair of not-shit headphones because I’ve always been an audiophile but I’ve also always just been poor.

Choices are LINDY HF-100s or Sennheiser HD518s.



I will almost exclusively be using them with a phone and laptop but my musical preference is very varied.

(I’m impatient and if I order soon I get next-day delivery so quick replies would be thoroughly appreciated)

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3rd Oct 2015

The Cloud II’s “7.1” is just simulated 7.1 via a USB dongle that’s likely worse than the audio on your motherboard.

The K553 is available from Massdrop for US$120 on a fairly regular basis, if you’re inclined to wait on that one, for what it’s worth. Not surprised that the A900X is out of reach, the pricing is weirdly variable by region.

Pardon my lack of EU retailer knowledge, but is it possible for you to purchase from Amazon.co.uk? If so, the Lindys should be within your price range, though whether you’d prefer them over the Clouds is up in the air. Here’s reviews of the Clouds and HF-100’s OEM “brothers”, respectively, for reference.

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20th Mar 2015

If he’s buying in the UK, the Lindy HF-100 would be the cheapest of the CD-880 clones.