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30th Oct 2020

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21st May 2019

I used to be like this, but I slather Cerave on at night before bed so I just assumed it was a combo of super oily skin, and lotion. I started to use Retinol Cream and the very next day I woke up, and my skin was not oily, but seemed normal!

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8th May 2017

Samesies. I use Retinol and an Amazon Healing Clay Mask every week or so. You mix the clay powder with a bit of vinegar and leave it on until it’s dry…make sure not to put it down the drain! It’s a pain in the ass to get off but it works wonders.

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15th Jul 2021

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26th Jan 2019

Amazon is the only place where I’ve been able to find any LilyAna products.


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9th Oct 2020

Aside from the parts you’re concerned over, you have an excellent texture to your skin! I used to struggle with blemishes like this too and they hurt.

I don’t want to assume I know what your budget is, so I am just going to tell you what worked for me. I used all sorts of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide products- you name it, and I have tried it. I also attempted medication for a time. All of this was expensive and ultimately ineffective; I cried a lot.

When I got to college, I discovered CeraVe products and they truly changed my life. I refuse to switch now and it has been a little over decade. My face slowly began to calm down and eventually, my blemishes and scars healed. To cleanse, I use the non-foaming Hydrating Cleanser in the green bottle. For some reason, I feel very strongly about the “no foam” aspect, though it doesn’t always work for others. Sometimes I buy the CeraVe PM lotion for the evening, but honestly I find that the Daily Moisturizing lotion in their line does just as well. (My sisters are horrified by this since it is a body lotion, but they can’t argue with my results.)

What’s nice about these products is that they are gentle, accessible and have a decent amount of hyaluronic acid in them (which assists with scarring). If the pricepoint is too high, I would recommend trying Cetaphil which is a little less expensive but is just as great. If you can only afford one of the products and not both, I would encourage getting the moisturizer and continuing with the cleanser you are using currently.

Two more things to mention and then I’ll stfu:


^I don’t know what it is about this retinol cream, but I’m almost positive it is as close to magic as we have here in reality. This bottle lasts forever and evens out even the most stubborn of complexions. I use it twice a week at night. Check out their reviews!


^This is what I use to exfoliate, biweekly, and I swear by it. It is so gentle and you an see the effects almost immediately. (As in, the skin sloughs off into your hands like a snake, haha.)

You are lucky you already have a great canvas to work with. I had to put a lot of elbow grease into my face with these products, but I promise you with all of the authority I have as a stranger on the internet that it will make a difference. I don’t even wear makeup anymore.

Hope this helps and sorry this is so damn long- sending you good vibes!

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27th Dec 2019

Hi man! Here are my suggestions ( not a dermatologist, just into skincare)

  1. I am thinking these are small black heads (though someone may correct me here) I would personally recommend just a gentle exfoliating toner or something to help turnover. If you are open to a retinoid that should really help with both the clogged pore issue and the fine lines. My most recent one, which has been good to me so far (but I haven’t had it for that long to give it the full stamp of approval) it’s also easy and shouldn’t cause too much peeling because it is in a moisturizer formulation https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ES349CY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. I think the red spots may be a closed comedone (someone else feel free to chime in, I’m not sure) again I think the retinoid will help. Niacinamide is a great vitamin for inflammation though so it may help with redness.
  3. again the reinoid
  4. You darkening really isn’t too bad imo (I look like I have been punched if I don’t sleep lol) if changing your habits doesn’t help, hydroquinone based eye cream may.
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5th Aug 2019

I’ve been seeing lots of rave reviews on this found on amazon.

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7th Jun 2018

Say I search “retinol” on the amazon home page and click the first result. I get this link:


It says I searched “retinol” and ended up on ASIN B01ES349CY.

If I do the storefront approach I get this link:


and have to pick which product to click. If I click the same product as earlier I get this link, which has store level info in it:


So is the storefront mainly for cases where you have more than one product that’s highly relevant for a keyword? If you have just one product you’re trying to rank for the keyword does it make more sense to just go straight to the specific ASIN?

I guess my main concern is that the keyword is interpreted as being searched at the store level, which may be weighed less heavily in determing rank than keywords searched from the Amazon homepage or relevant category, if that makes sense.

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5th Oct 2016

I use retinol (Life Flo Retinol 1%) on my legs, and it took about 3 weeks-a month. But if you do this every evening before bed- it will help tremendously with ingrown hairs! > https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ES349CY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_w9h9xbB3026JQ

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9th Sep 2016

After researching a bit online I decided to start using a retinol cream. I’m 25, so I don’t have any wrinkles yet, but I still get some acne and I have heard retinol creams can be good for that.

I use a plain untreated konjac sponge with a foaming cleanser from Beyond (a Korean brand) and an oil cleanser (also from Beyond) to wash my face twice a day. During the day I use Beyond Aqua BB Cream with SPF 30 (this is one of the only Korean brands that I have found to be cruelty free, so I use a lot of their stuff, haha.) Most of my other makeup is Kat Von D and Physicians Formula from the US if that makes a difference. I use mud masks and sheet masks off and on.

I have been using this retinol cream from Lilyana Naturals on my face and it tingled the first few times I used it, but I haven’t encountered any peeling issues and after using it for 9 weeks, and my face looks really nice. Some of my acne seems to be clearing up and when I wake up my skin is firm and smooth, not oily. Since I have had such good luck with the first cream, I decided that maybe I needed a dedicated eye cream, so I randomly picked this one up at a department store. The first time I used it IT BURNED. It wasn’t just a tingle, it really felt unpleasant. I washed it off and put a cloth under eye treatment on that I had lying around to soothe my skin.

Now, you guys might think this is stupid, but about a week later I decided to try using it a few more times since I have heard retinol creams can burn and I don’t really like throwing away products. In the morning after using it, the circles under my eyes are nice, not red, very smooth. It still hurts when I apply it, so I’m wondering if this is supposed to happen. I have used the other cream in the same under eye area without any burning. It seems obvious that I should stop using the under eye cream and just use the original Lilyana Retinol cream that I purchased from Amazon all over my face, but I still want to know if the burning is normal. It doesn’t seem like I am allergic since I haven’t encountered any redness or bumps from the cream. I just don’t know if it’s one of those magical things like glycolic masks or garlic masks that are kind of supposed to sting, or if something very bad is happening that warrants throwing the bottle out.

Anyway, I hope this question isn’t too stupid. Thank you in advance to anyone who can answer, and I hope I gave enough information.