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Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Heater with Remote?

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16th Jan 2018

I value being comfortable while I sleep… and if you do as well, I suggest turning off the radiator in your bedroom, and using an electric heater with temperature control to keep it consistent.

I did this in my last apartment and it was amazing. There were pipes running up the wall but the radiator was turned all the way off, so there was radiant heat from teh pipes but it wasn’t enough to turn the room into an oven. Then I bought this heater and set the temp to 68. Yes, it costs money, but IMO it’s totally worth it to not wake up in a puddle of sweat.

Even my current apartment has wall heaters with thermostat control but they suck ass and seem to go +/-5 degrees from the set temperature (turn on when it’s -5 and turn off when it’s +5) which makes it unbearably hot when you’re sleeping. I use the heater above in my bedroom and it’s much more consistent.