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Liber-T Reversible Desk Panel from Nexera, White and Walnut?

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24th Nov 2016

Heat is subjective. Temps never go above 80 on gpu, and I see an average of 65 on cpu. When I am playing at my desk NEVER do I feel like my hands are on fire. Everywhere is body temperature, so when you touch it, it is neither hot nor cool. When I am done gaming on eso for like 6 hours yeah it’s hot on the bottom. So I definitely wouldn’t use it on your lap for gaming. It is relatively quiet fan wise. Never once do I think about yelling at it to be quiet. And about the desk, it is a two person desk. Here is the link. https://www.amazon.com/Liber-T-Reversible-211303-Nexera-Walnut/dp/B0051POJ5G

That cost is only for 1 wing of the table. I bought it on sale for 325.