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Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask + Sleep Aid to Block Light for Travel, Airplane, Hotel, Airport, Insomnia + Headache Relief with Adjustable Straps, Blue?

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21st Jul 2020

It’s like a hug for your face

To me a lot of the benefit of an eye mask is just the ritual of putting it on. It signifies the end of the day, there’s no turning back. There’s no more looking at my phone and getting distracted, I am putting it on and going to sleep. I’ve had sleep problems my whole life but the habit of putting on a sleep mask at night has really helped me a ton.

Edit: I’ll also add that this is the one I’ve been using. I don’t use a weighted one (although I’ll probably try one out) and I’ve used a couple others but this one is definitely my favorite. I have blackout shades and I don’t even need the mask for light protection, I just use it because it’s comfy and I enjoy the ritual of it.