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LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp, Eye-Caring Table Lamp, Study Lamps with Flexible Goose Neck for Bedroom and Office (Sandy Black)?

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14th Apr 2020

Oh I started making my other reply before you posted this comment. What are you plugging these lights into? Lamps, or bathroom fixtures? They should have recommendations on them. For example, I have this lamp from amazon https://smile.amazon.com/LEPOWER-Flexible-Eye-Caring-Bedroom-Office/dp/B078W61H9P that says “40W max” on it, other than that as long as the base type is the same (E26 for US and E27 for elsewhere judging by what i just read) then it doesn’t matter what you screw into it. If you plug a 100W bulb into a 40W lamp it could potentially start a fire.

Lumens just tries to tell you how bright the light is because LED lights can have the same lumens as a halogen while using way less wattage. In the old days you could just look at watts and know a 100w bulb was brighter than a 40w, the same is only true today for the same bulbs (the same brand and style of a 20W led will be much brighter than the 8W of the same type). Cool is blueish and warm is redish. Watts is how much energy you lights use. Where I live it’s 11 cents to run 1000 watts for one hour. So I could pay 11 cents to power ten 100 watt lights or a hundred 10 watt lights, this is why LED’s are nice. LED’s also last like 8 years whereas halogens only last like 2 years.

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22nd Feb 2019

The style is apparently called “Gooseneck desk lamp”

Here’s a variation of it