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Lelit PL41TEM PID Espresso Machine – 110V?

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26th Jul 2020

Lelit Anna PL41TEM – $689.00

1Zpresso JX-PRO Manual Coffee Grinder – $159.00

Motta 8170/M Professional Flat Base Coffee Tamper, 57mm, Brown Handle – $25.95

Fellow Eddy Steaming Pitcher – $35

Grand total — $908.95

Also don’t forget your water treatment and cleaning products.

This is ball park, for a basic set up that includes milk drinks, you should plan on having between $800-$1,200 to get started.

Since you’ve provided no budget, this is the shortest answer I have to provide.

If you go manual, no milk, you can get it under $500, or if you go semi-automatic with no PID and plan on using pressurized baskets with pre-ground coffee you can go for a Gaggia Classic Pro at $450 + a new tamper and milk pitcher gets you up to $500.

If you go under $500 with an automatic appliance, you’re no longer in the same category. You’ll be drinking shots that pour too fast with too much water, like a mini americano with hot, but not frothed milk. It is essentially a pre-made coffee drink.