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LED Magnifying Lamp with Clamp, ADDIE KIRKAS 2,200 Lumens Dimmable Super Bright 5-Diopter Magnifying Glass with Light and Stand, Adjustable Swivel Arm Magnifier lamp for Reading Repair Crafts-Black?

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14th Apr 2021

I have one of these I use for weeding. When I am using registration marks i have shining on my Cameo where the print head gets it. It’s helped a lot when using them. Good Luck!!

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17th Jul 2020

A magnifying lamp on a swivel arm can really help get the shimmer exactly how you’d like it! This one is adjustable in multiple places, the lamp itself swivels, and the dimmer has a really broad range. I originally got mine for scrimshaw, but I’ve found it useful for almost every hobby I have.

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16th Sep 2020




These three items (or similar alternatives) are entirely necessary to properly assume card grades. Look at 10s online to gauge the required centering for 10s on a particular card. And don’t ever expect 10s. Sub for 9s and hope for better.