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LED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp with Clamp ,3 Color Modes 10 Levels Dimmable Adjustable Swivel Arm for Reading Rework Craft Workbench?

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21st Sep 2021

I use this magnifying lamp and light. https://www.amazon.com/Magnifying-Dimmable-Adjustable-Reading-Workbench/dp/B085Q2N746
I use a 00 and a 000 brush. I also picked up this kit from amazon to help with and sanding or sniping needed on the models. https://www.amazon.com/Rustark-Gundam-Building-Repairing-Fixing/dp/B071LB1T5D

I agree with NaturalBornNerd. Mounting on something temporally helps. I black prime the models first. Then paint them before mounting. It depends on the model but I like to dry brush first to bring out the accents then go back in with more details. I also like to paint the models as a unit as much as possible. I have painted a unit before and then thought… what colors did I use? How did I do “that’

Also agree with NaturalBornNerd on the details. The great thing about the scale of warmaster is seeing lots of units on the table. I think sometimes I worry about a single character on a stand…. When how the unit loos together and how it looks in the battlefield is maybe more “important”

I have seen a lot or really nicely painted armys from people with a lot more talent so… who knows. 🙂