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LED Clip Lamp, Portable Lighting Eye-Care Clip Desk Light Powered by USB ( Clip-On Light )-Black Color?

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27th Aug 2018

You would need 8 AA/AAA batteries to get to 12v. I have seen portable led’s with 8 AA batteries for power. And that wouldn’t be hard to wire up yourself if you wanted.

A few 5v leds would be easier imo and may provide all the light you need. I have a few 5v usb lights that are very very bright, light this one:


That one is brighter than some of my 12v lights. If you dont have wiring know how or any tools/ materials etc to wire something up I would just get a few 5v usbs strips or lamps like that one I link and gut it for the led strip. Then use a cell phone battery pack to power them.