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Le Mieux Vita-C Serum – Concentrated Vitamin C & Glutathione Antioxidant Facial Serum for Glowing Skin, VIT C Face Serum to Address The Appearance of Uneven Tone & Blotchiness (1 oz / 30 ml)?

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6th Jan 2015

Hi all, looking for your thoughts on this routine.

Two weeks ago I got a facial from an esthetician that my family trusts. She removed my whiteheads and my skin improved for the following week or so. She encouraged me to use products by GM Collin.

  1. AM: cleanse with GM Collin puractive mild cleansing gel, then GM Collin puractive treating mist (toner), and GM Collin hydramucine optimal gel followed by their mineral sunscreen (spf 25).
    PM: similarly cleanse with gel, toner, vitamin c serum, then the hydramucine again.

  2. I’ve been using these products for about two weeks.

  3. No

4/5. I was a bit skeptical of all these products given to me by the esthetician because I typically use very mild products (cleanser by acne.org, clinique moisturizer, aveeno sunscreen) The GM Collin products are pricey and some of them (hydramucine optimal gel, puractive mild cleansing gel) appear to have carrageenan, which I believe are comedogenic? I now have breakouts on my forehead and some on my chin (I occasionally get mild acne but I started breaking out a couple days ago).

I was thinking of using these products less frequently to see if it helps. Does anyone have experience with GM Collin products? Should I go back to my previous routine/products or is it possible that my skin is going through a “purging” stage?