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Large Bed Tray Nnewvante Multifunction Laptop Desk Lap Desk Foldable Portable Standing Breakfast Reading Tray Holder for Couch Floor for Adults/Students/Kids Black?

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28th Feb 2018

Thanks for the really informative reply. I’m glad you were able to solve your UI problems.

I’m not particularly looking for a keyboard lapboard like the Corsair lapdog, I just want a flat surface that I can put my keyboard and mouse on while on the couch. I’ve seen the Corsair K63 and it definitely is interesting. Unfortunately, it costs a lot too, and I don’t want to spend $100 or more on a keyboard and mouse when i already have a really good mechanical keyboard and mouse.

I was planning on picking up something like this. It’s 24″, which is the largest I could find among all the lapdesks. What do you think?