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Laptop Bed Tray Table,Angle and Height Adjustable Laptop Bed Desk,Laptop Computer Stand,Foldable Sofa Breakfast Tray,Portable Standing Desk,Notebook Stand Reading Holder for Couch Floor Kids?

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1st Jul 2021


I bought one of these and it’s pretty great. Both the height and the angle are adjustable and it’s pretty easy to adjust even when my hands are being really bitchy. I adjust the height and angle multiple times a day depending on how I need to be sitting or reclining in that moment.

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3rd May 2021

Hey, was just wondering for your thoughts on it after using it. Does it make your arm tired? Do you wish you got the Sketchboard Pro in the end? Im also looking for a good Ipad stand for drawing. Was also considering getting one of those laptop bed tables like here as a cheaper alternative, like this https://www.amazon.com/Adjustable-Computer-Foldable-Breakfast-Portable/dp/B07VL87NNJ/