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Lantronix 1PORT USB Remote KVM Kvm/IP Spider (SLS200USB0-01)?

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27th May 2016

I’m assuming this PC is not an actual server, so there is no IPMI based IP KVM that’s baked in. If it is a server check it out, Dell has DRAC, Supermicro has their own IPMI, etc…

For a standalone IP KVM what I’ve used a ton of are these:


They’re relatively cheap, within your budget. Work well, just upgrade to latest firmware in case it’s a unit that’s been sitting around. I’ve never really had any issues with these units and I have purchased these for every datacenter. My guys mostly use them for emergencies if they systems team has some kind of odd-ball device or can’t use IPMI for some reason (i.e. they threw the on-board ports into a LAG, didn’t wire up a dedicated IPMI port, and IMPI doesn’t support LACP on supermicro.)

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26th Oct 2020

Potential software solution in the top sections and a hardware solution at the bottom. The hardware solutions are not cheap.

Software: May or may not work depending on the Group Policy configuration. Google Chrome does support remote desktop control via the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. If she has chrome is installed and she is able to login and install extensions, installing Chrome Remote Desktop is your least expensive solution. If the group policy is well configured it may block that extension from being installed. It is possible that this extension may auto install if you install it on her personal computer while logged into google chrome.

Hardware: A single port IP KVM. This will be expensive- in the $500-600 range. You may need an adapter from the video output on her work computer. When you go to do your own research, there are ‘extenders’ and ‘adders’ that are not true KVMs instead they require additional hardware to function.

VGA video input: Lantronix 1PORT USB Remote KVM Kvm/IP Spider (SLS200USB0-01) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000OH5MDO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_cnWLFb4GW5K80

HDMI video input: Raritan Dominion KX IV-101 Ultra High Performance 1-Port 4K KVM-Over-IP Switch – 1 Computer(s) – 1 Local User(s) – 4096 x 2160-1 x Network (RJ-45) – 3 x USB – 2 x HDMI – Rack-mountable – 1U – TAA Co https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XN8B678/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_KXWLFbVSY1M2M

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7th Dec 2017

FYI, The one you linked isn’t a stand-alone device. It needs a controller https://www.startech.com/ca/Server-Management/KVM-Switches/16-Port-Multi-User-Cat5-Matrix-IP-KVM-Switch~SV1653DXI

Most KVMs are controller based, but this is a single-port KVM https://www.amazon.com/1PORT-USB-Remote-KVM-Spider/dp/B000OH5MDO

If you are thinking about just servers, you want Dell’s IDRAC Enterprise or HP’s ILO Advanced (or comparable).

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11th Jul 2016

You can use something like this. Works fine. Still requires evil Java … but what doesn’t?

Then a power control unit to match…

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18th Jul 2016

If you can control the edge (Firewalls) of the remote offices, you can do direct management in multiple ways.

For hardware withouth dedicated out-of-band-management – consider purchasing IP KVM like the Lantronix spiders

Paired with IP-based power-control – you can access consoles, boot, power on/off any hardware you want – remotely.

If you get the option, always pay the little extra bit for full enterprise-options like iLO (HP), iDRAC (Dell) etc. I’ve stopped questioning the value of having that kind of access; Monitoring, management, alerting, troubleshooting… Worth it!

As for desktop-remoting, there are quite a lot of options. My shop uses NAble and they’re pushing their “MSP Anywhere” pretty hard.

It looks good, but we’ve chosen https://www.maxfocus.com/ for desktop inventory/support and its using Teamviewer in the back.

Other options is AnyDesk, LogMeIn, Bomgar etc.etc. – but it really boils down to what your budget and what your management-vision is.

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1st Apr 2016

For power outages, just configure the settings in CMOS Setup Utility to “power on” or “last state” after power loss. If that’s not available, does it support wake-on-LAN? You could probably SSH into some other device and use that to transmit a magic packet…or configure a Cron job to do it every few minutes.

Once you get past the power issues…

USB: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000OH5MDO/

PS/2: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V5I9XRM/

Plug that into a standard local KVM that switches via hotkeys and poof! Multiple-device KVM over IP.

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4th Jul 2015

Seconding the IP KVM suggestion. It will let you send key presses even at the BIOS level, which addresses your specific problem, and they’re also incredibly useful for remote systems. These are awesome, but not cheap.

This is cheaper, the single Amazon review said its remote media mount stuff didn’t work well, but it should be good enough for what the OP needs.

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4th Jan 2015

Basically I’m looking for a cheaper solution of this

300+ is too much for what I’m trying to do.