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Lanoline New Zealand Rosehip Oil Skin Renew Firming Serum with Collagen and Vitamins C and E?

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12th Dec 2018

Okay I’m gonna go deeper here, lol.

Right now I’m finishing off a combo that I mixed together: Lanoline Rosehip Oil (here; got at TJMaxx for cheaper tho) & LilyAna Naturals’ Eye Cream which already had rosehip oil in it (and Hibiscus oil /shrug). It’s been really nice – when I first started applying it (the cream in particular, actually) last year, I definitely noticed the skin around my eyes was becoming less papery/thin & firmer. And I don’t have any kind of darkness-under-the-eyes issues anymore.

It’s definitely an easy-to-work-with creamy+lightly-oily consistency versus the cloying/stickiness of Castor oil too.

The consistency of Castor oil (I have NOW solutions Castor Oil) is what concerns me the most re: applying it anywhere on the face, much less the delicate eye area. It stubbornly sticks to my skin even when I take baths : you’d really need either a really stripping cleanser or just rub it off to remove it, neither of which are probably that great for the eye area…

But whatever – I’d try it so long as it was mixed with other oils/serums/creams. Which is what’s recommended to do anyway.

Once I’m done with that eye cream combo, I’ve already got another unopened Rosehip Oil Face Mask that I’ll probably use as an eye cream. Besides maybe trying a drop of Castor oil in it (this could really start turning into a potion! lol), I really want to try Sea Buckthorn Oil (which also has Geranium extract /shrug). I also use this snail cream for my face & under the eyes too whenever I feel like it (wanting extra moisture or wanting something ‘fixed’ a bit more than my normal routine is doing for me atm)

Hope that helps somewhat! Super fun talking about this stuff so it’s my pleasure sharing 🙂