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Kygo Life A9/600 | Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones, aptX® and AAC® Codecs, Built-in Microphone, NFC Pairing, Memory Foam Ear Cushions, 23 Hours Playback, Kygo Sound App, Pro Line (Storm Gray)?

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5th Feb 2020

I was in the same situation. My wife and I like using headphones while our kid is sleeping. We were using some old Astro A50’s that I had but the batteries on those are dying and needed something else. Ultimately, I went with Bluetooth aptX Low Latency setup because I wanted something multi purpose and cost. Although my main use will be for TV, I like the fact I can take the headphones with me when traveling. I found a good deal on some Kygo A9/600s which has the aptX LL codec from Amazon Warehouse. I bought 3 headphones and the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver for under $80.

Headphones: Link

Bluetooth Transmitter: Link