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Kvm Switch Hdmi Dual Monitor 2 Port,Dual Hdmi Port Kvm Switch with 2.0 USB [email protected] Dual Extended Display Output-2 in 2 Out Dual Kvm for 2 Monitors,2 Computers,Support Wireless Keyboard and Mouse?

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17th Aug 2020

So you need a ‘2-port Quad KVM’ is the terminology you are looking for.

Im not sure a 2 port quad KVM exists, but you can put 2 components together to make something close.

You can get a 2 Port dual KVM

And a 4×4 port HDMI matrix switcher

Together this will give you the capabilities of a 2-Port Quad KVM switch.

EDIT: actually. 2 port quad KVMs exist!

Personally, I’ve been liking using an hdmi switcher along with a kvm. That way I can leave one or 2 monitors up from different PCs if I need to and watch multiple PCs at once. If you use a kvm switch only, all your screens are going to change at the same time.