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KVM Switch HDMI, 4 USB KVM Switches Box 4 in 1 Out Hotkey Switch for 4PC Computers Keyboard Mouse Monitor Support [email protected] 3D for Laptop, PC, PS4, Xbox HDTV, with 1x Switch Cable, 4X USB Cable?

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18th Aug 2021

I bought it with this and have been having difficulties getting the K/M to work on all connected devices.

I’ll boot it up and everything will work great. Unfortunately, after switching inputs, the K/M will stop working on the attached devices (but will still work to change inputs, so I know the KVM is still getting inputs from them).

Now I’m not saying this is an issue with the PiKVM itself, the opposite actually. I’m still troubleshooting, but I’d recommend doing a little more planning to buy one of the known-supported kvm switches. Don’t shoot from the hip like I did.