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KVM Switch HDMI 2 Port Box, AIMOS USB and HDMI Switches 4 USB Hub, UHD [email protected], for 2 Computers Share Keyboard Mouse and one HD Monitor, with 2 HDMI Cables and 2 USB Cables?

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12th Feb 2021

For the monitor, look around at pcpartpicker.com You can enter all your specs and it will show you available options.

For the hub, I use this. Not too fancy, but I like the fact that I only have to disconnect one port when I want to pull the laptop from my desk. Warning, though – it advertises that you can use Power Delivery as well, but I haven’t gotten that to work.

I use this as my KVM to switch between work and personal laptops. I also had to buy this to convert my Surface to HDMI.

For headphones, I use some off-the-shelf Bose that can connect to 2 Bluetooth sources simultaneously.

I can’t help you with the cooling pad, but I’ll caution that if you are using it to run the laptop closed, you are going to have a bad time.

Good luck.