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KVM Switch HDMI,USB KVM Switch Sharing 4 PCs with one Keyboard Mouse, Printer, Scanner Support [email protected] 3D, One Button Swapping for Laptop, PC, PS4, Xbox HDTV with 4X USB Cable and one Switch Cable?

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18th Jan 2021

At it’s most basic, yes a switch should be all you need to use the monitor on two devices.

This assume of course your laptop has a display out port, and moreover that it’s HDMI to be compatible with your existing switch.

You could also use a product like this, which is a USB and HDMI switch combo which allows you to use your desktop PCs monitor, keyboard, mouse, and any other USB peripherals on multiple devices.

You could always just get a matching cheap number pad to avoid having to touch the laptop at all.

As an extreme alternative, if your Gaming PC is beefy and you would prefer to work from it, you can image your work laptops hard drive into a virtual machine and enjoy the benefits of a faster PC while also still having your work environment isolated from your personal one; which is likely what I would do if I were in your situation.