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KVM Extender HDMI USB Over IP [email protected] 4:4:4 Video, Webcam Extender, Supports Gigabit POE Network Switch,Support HDMI Audio 2CH/5.1CH/7.1CH/DTS/and USB 2.0 with Independent EDID Manageme?

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18th Apr 2021

Something like the this?


I haven’t seen a lot of inexpensive USB+ethernet switches. You could get away with a very cheaper USB switch with an cheap USB to ethernet adapter attached.

Personally, I would prefer solving this via software solution. With libvirt you can just do

virsh detach-device –file device.xml –domain $vm1
virsh attach-device –file device.xml –domain $vm2

Do this for all USB devices and toss it in a script and run it over ssh from your guest. You could also likely manage your networking in the same script, depending on what you intend to do or how you configure things. One example:

virsh detach-interface network –mac $macaddr –domain $vm1
virsh attach-interface network $netname –mac $macaddr –model $model –domain $vm2

You could be creative and come up with other solutions like updating routing tables or firewall rules or just disabling the virtual network devices instead of removing them. This is only necessary if you require that type of network exclusivity.