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KUL ES-87 Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Clear)?

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14th Nov 2017

The ES-87 on Amazon right now is probably the cheapest board with Clears.

Another option could be using clicky switches (i.e. blues) and putting O-rings on the keys, which does considerably reduce the sound. You can get o-rings pretty cheaply.

If you’re willing to consider building your own keyboard, there are also a number of different and inexpensive options available that in my opinion have a more similar feel to clicky switches without the noise. I personally use the Outemu Ice Dark Purple, but there are also Kailh Burnt Orange and a couple of others.

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30th Nov 2017
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10th Dec 2017

I purchased my first mechanical keyboard 6 months ago (CoolerMaster Masterkeys ProS w/Cherry MX Brown Switches).

I can’t help but feel that the keys are too easy to press? I don’t seem to have gotten used to it. Therefore, I am considering a keyboard with Cherry MX-Clear Switches.

My current ideas:

KUL ES-87 Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Clear):

KBC Poker 3 (Pok3r) – Black Case – PBT Keycaps – Cherry Mx-Clear [Metal Casing]

I was also hoping to get some suggestions for better key-caps, if the ones provided by these aren’t too great. Amazon prime option for both of these is a huge plus as well.

Or, any other board suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!