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KUL ES-87 Smoke (Limited) Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Blue)?

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30th Jul 2015

consider the KUL ES-87 http://www.keyeduplabs.com/es-87.html

I’ve been hearing lots of good things about their quality.

You can get it through elite keyboards and on amazon



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13th Jun 2015

You could check out the KUL ES-87. It is TKL, $130, MX Blue switches, and is sold on Amazon. It’s apparently out of stock at this moment, but will be back in on the 15th of June.

Also, for $165 you could check out the Novatouch which has the Topre switches (Not sure if they count as clones or not), and is also a TKL board.

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28th May 2015

You should spend the extra $15 and get a KUL, Das Keyboard or a Pok3r. If you need to stick to your budget that tightly I would recommend CM Storm, Noppoo Choc Mini, Noppoo Lolita or TtEsports.