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KRUPS BW260850 Cool-Touch Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Kettle, 1.5L, 1.5 L, Black?

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20th Nov 2020

Leave the vodka out of it. It’s such a negative stereotype that doesn’t hold up to reality, at least in the two years I’ve lived in St. Petersburg. I might suggest hot tea instead. Electric tea kettles are very common. The tea itself can still be in packets. Maybe have several boxes of different varieties — black, green, chamomile.

Electrical outlets will be a big giveaway one way or the other. Even if you retrofit your kitchen to make them European/Russian style, Americans will immediately know it’s not in the US and spoil the surprise. You’ll have to do some tricky camera work (short focus length, framing) to avoid them.

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4th Jul 2021

I think you already know you’re NTA now… Jesus, what an off base thing of her to say.

Anyways, if you still need a kettle– I highly recommend getting an electric one. I’ve used a few different ones and my favourite so far is by Krups. German brand, doesn’t get hot on the outside. You can get the fancier version with electric temperature display or a glass version, but I’m pretty happy with the all metal one.