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Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition Black Gold On-Ear Headphones, in-Line Microphone, Volume Control and Touch Remote Control, Includes Hard Carrying Case, Wired with 3.5mm Plug, Black and Gold?

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7th Sep 2017

I got the Gold Limited Edition which comes with a hard case and has a built in remote. The box it all comes in is really cool. It’s quite the presentation.


There is also an all black edition that’s supposed to be on Amazon exclusively soon as well, might be my Christmas present to myself. Lol.

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2nd Mar 2018

I have a mint/unused pair of them in Black Gold if you’re interested.

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11th Jul 2017

Both colors of Koss Porta Pro Limited Editions just went on sale for $49.99 ($10 off the usual price…I have never seen these go on sale). Snag them while they last! I just bought my beige ones last week and they are gorgeous.