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Koss GMR Over-Ear Gaming Headphones, Two Cords with Microphone Included, Black (Open-Back, 3.5 mm)?

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27th Dec 2017

Since you mentioned gaming…

My son has been using the 598 with a V-Moda Boom Pro for gaming for well over a year. The noise level in the house went down a LOT when we switched my 2 kids from closed back to open back.

For Christmas we got both kids the Koss GMR-545 AIR, which is the first open back gaming headset I have seen at a reasonable price.

I asked my son what he thought of the new gaming headset, and he said “They sound different, in a good way.”

Best part is, they have a lifetime warranty. My kids break boompros all the time. Now, if they break these things, I can send them back for a warranty exchange.